PREAMBLE To better govern the Tresario Star Kingdom, we hereby ratify this document as the official Constitution. We adopt it to provide a voice for the people and to create the strong, central government necessary to manage and serve the subjects of Tresario. This document shall be considered the highest law of the land and shall supersede all others as the official framework of our great Constitutional Monarchy.



Section 1: For the strongest and most convenient management of the general interest of the Tresario Star Kingdom, the citizens of the Kingdom do here by entrust their independence to the Sovereign of Tresario.

All Executive authority, both internal and external, relating to the Government and its many affiliates, shall be regulated and maintained by the Tresarian Sovereign. The Tresarian Sovereign is the Highest Military, Diplomatic, and Civil official in the Kingdom and may exercise that authority to better the lives of all citizens.

Section 2: The successor to the Crown is chosen by the Sovereign. This choice remains known only to the Sovereign, the Premier, and the chosen successor until the time of succession. In order for the chosen successor to take the Sovereign Throne the Hall of Ministers must first have a vote of confidence in the selected successor.

If no successor was chosen, House Tresario must meet and determine the next Sovereign in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. A void in Sovereign succession shall be filled by the Premier with responsibility and power limited to only that which is necessary for the safety and preservation of Tresario until a Sovereign is crowned.

Section 3: The Sovereignty is Royal and therefore may create and confer noble rights, honors, and orders along with the various privileges granted to each station. Royal titles, positions, and lineage may be granted by any Sovereign. No other may revoke what was established before, however the various privileges accompanying Royal titles, positions, and lineages may be revoked or modified.



Section 1: Premier

To assist and support the Tresarian Sovereign, a Premier shall be appointed by Tresarian Sovereign with the consent of the Hall of Ministers to act as the Hall's highest representative, directly under the King. Should anything happen to the Tresarian Sovereign that would make them unable to continue their reign, the Premier shall serve in capacity of the King as Steward until the King's heir can be found or appointed.

Section 2: Ministers

The Tresarian Sovereign shall have a government directed through the use of Ministries to assist in the duties of governing the territories and the People. The structure of the system shall be designed by the Premier as is convenient and necessary. The duties, scope of authority, and privileges of each Ministry shall be defined by the Premier.

Section 3: Hall of Ministers

The Hall of Ministers is called to order whenever and wherever all Ministers meet as a college to confer with one another. The primary responsibility of the Hall of Ministers is to advise the Tresarian Sovereign on all matters of concern to the Kingdom. The presiding officer shall be a Minister designated as the Premier.



Section 1: Justice System

The Judicial body of the Tresario Star Kingdom shall be the Hall of Ministers with the Premier as its Chief Justice. Laws and a system of justice must be developed under the Premier's direction to ensure safety within Tresario's territory and fairness for those accused of criminalized actions.

Section 2: Supreme Legal Authority

The Sovereign of the Tresario Star Kingdom is the Supreme legal authority within the Tresario Star Kingdom. Any party not satisfied with the ruling of the Hall of Ministers and Premier may appeal their case to the Tresarian Sovereign, at the Sovereign's pleasure.



Section 1: The House Tresario is created to house and allow those of Noble Rights to participate in select decision making processes of Tresario.

Section 2: House Tresario membership includes, Hall of Ministers, Order of Tresario Freedom, Sentinels of Tresario and those who attain the rank of Admiral.

Section 3: In accordance with Section 2 of Article I, when no successor has been chosen for the Sovereign of Tresario, House Tresario will meet and discuss a suitable successor and must come to a unanimous decision within 14 days of the first meeting.



Section 1: Any member of the Tresario Star Kingdom Government or one of its affiliated companies is considered a Tresarian citizen under the law.

Section 2: The Tresario Star Kingdom shall not pass any law preventing the free exercise of a religion nor shall any law be passed that limits the freedom of speech, the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble.

Section 3: The Tresario Star Kingdom shall not subject the people to unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons or belongings. No warrants shall be issued without probable cause or reason.

Section 4: No person shall be tried twice for the same offense, nor shall any person be compelled to witness against themselves, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

Section 5: No authority within the Tresario Star Kingdom will take private property for public use without just compensation nor shall they impose excessive fines, or inflict cruel and unusual punishment.

Section 6: The Tresario Star Kingdom has strict laws of equality and accepts all races, condemning discrimination in all forms. The list of rights in the constitution shall not be interpreted to deny other rights held by the people.



Section 1: Emergency Powers

The Government of the Tresario Star Kingdom has the following powers it may exercise in the case of an emergency:

- Right to detain people for up to 7 days if the Government feels the detained citizen is violating the Criminal Code or an imminent threat to Tresario's security. 
- Right to gather and use communication records from discussions as required. 
- Right to discretion over it's power for the sole process of protecting the security of the Tresario. 
- Right to freeze financial payments made by the Tresario to the suspect in the due process of protecting the security of the Tresario. 
- Right to remove, freeze, halt any and all authoritative power that the suspect has in the process of protecting the security of the Tresario.

Section 2: Constitutional Amendment

Amendments to this constitution must be presented by the Premier and approved by a majority vote of the Hall of Ministers. After Hall approval amendments are forwarded to the Tresarian Sovereign and come into effect, holding the full force of law, if they are given Royal Assent by the Tresarian Sovereign.

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